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Back to main page of Abbreviations, Acronyms Initialisms Abbreviations, Acronyms Initialisms A-M N ammonia N Dangerous for the environment N Newton N Nunca N(S)N National (Significant) Number = Número Nacional (Significativo) n.d. no date = sf = s.f. = sin fecha n.e.c. not elsewhere classified N/Ref. Nuestro Referencia = our reference = our…Get price

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They also offer excellent resistance to moisture, high tenacity, and increases the durability of tires. Nylon tire cords are used for carcasses of truck and bus tires, off-the-road equipment, aircraft, and motorcycle tires and also for cap ply layers for improving performance in high-speed tires, special tires for airplane and general tires.Get price

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Reports. Automotive Clutch Market By Transmission (Continuously Variable, Automatic, Manual, Automated Manual), By Clutch Disc Size (Less than 9 inches, 9-10 inches, More than 10Get price