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databases through which data can be accessed and shared. GIS analysis tools will enable users to conduct advanced spatial analy-ses. The GIS combines Microsoft® Access and ArcView® as well as various GIS extensions. The first GIS task was to compile a fully georeferenced and taxo-nomically classified ArcView biodiversity database for Madagas-car.Get price


In the light of these situations, their research looks at the possibility of utilizing GIS for effective management of crime in Nigeria.Consequently, The results according to (Chinedu and Bartholomew, 2015) in Owerri, the spatial analysis and a 500m buffering done on the data shows that areas that are more vulnerable to crime, have no policeGet price

Fighting electricity theft in Nigeria with GIS - Geoawesomeness

Jul 26, 2018 · The main consequence of electricity theft is widespread power outages. Also, electric utility companies across Nigeria struggle with illegal connections to the power grid that generate huge losses and are a hazard for locals. GIS Cloud a software development company from Croatia is joining the fight to help mitigate this problem. The Enugu Electricity Distribution Company […]Get price


HV SUBSTATION PROJECT ACHIEVED PROJECTS Algeria : Construction of (13) 400, 220 60kV GIS AIS S/S. Extension of (9) 220 60kV AIS S/S. Nigeria : Construction of (2) 330 132kV AIS S/S. Extension of (1) 330/132kV AIS S/S. Senegal : Construction of (1) 67.5MW Power Plant with 90/15kV AIS S/S. Egypt : Construction of (1) 66/11kV GIS S/S.Get price

(PDF) Electricity Generation and Distribution in Nigeria

This paper, therefore, proposes renewable energy (wind, solar, and Small Hydro) mix as a way to improve the electricity generation capacity of Nigeria. The analysis of the capacities of theGet price

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4.3 Electricity Supply in Nigeria 39 4.3.1 Generation 39 4.3.2 Transmission 41 4.3.3 Distribution 43 4.4 Project Justification 43 4.5 The Project Proponent - TCN 48 4.6 Project Location - New Kano (Kano State) 50 4.7 Role of Transformer Substations 51 4.7.1 Operation of a Substation 51 4.7.2 Function of Transformer Substations 52Get price

Corporate Governance and Audit Quality in Nigeria

Adeyemi, Okpala, Dabor (2012) investigated factors affecting audit quality in Nigeria. The study employed both primary and secondary data in its analysis. The study found that multiple directorship and the provision of non-audit services had a significant effect on audit quality in Nigeria.Get price

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Esri’s GIS mapping software is the most powerful mapping spatial analytics technology available. Learn how businesses are using location intelligence to gain a competitive advantage.Get price

Nigeria: The Rationale For Protecting Geographical

IntroductionWhat Are Geographical Indications?Legal Framework For GISDifferences Between Geographical Indications AndtrademarksFunctions of Geographical IndicationsLegal Regimes For Protecting Geographical IndicationsGaps and Omissions in The Nigerian LegislationConclusionSome readers of this piece may wonder why Champagne isnot produced in Nigeria, Argan oil not manufactured inChina or even Tequilanot made in the United States ofAmerica? Indeed, there are products peculiar to certaingeographical regions, and which can only be produced in thoseregions. Under international Intellectual Property ("IP")regimes, it is unlawful to produce these peculiar products in otherregions asides the region in which they are originally made. Despite recent legal formalization, geographical indicationsdate back to the 4th century BC. The act of requesting for productsbased on their place of origin, was usual among the ancientMediterranean peoples (Greeks and Romans), because they learnedover time that products coming from certain places had particularqualities.2Get price

Power Substation Design Calculations - A Checklist of 18

May 15, 2021 · The resulting waveform is not smooth but one marred by spikes and dips. When these propagate into the high voltage system, they damage power transformers and affect the power quality of other customers. Outcome of harmonic analysis: In substations where harmonics are present, specify equipment to filter them out.Get price

Problems of Census in Nigeria Solutions

Modern geographic information techniques such as remote sensing, aerial photographs, Geographical Positioning System GPS, digital cartography and computer based Geographic Information System (GIS). These equipment are needed to facilitate rapid input, management and analysis of data for the successful conduct of population censuses in Nigeria.Get price

State Environmental Quality Review NEGATIVE DECLARATION

State Environmental Quality Review . NEGATIVE DECLARATION . Notice of Determination of Non-Significance . Project: Round Swamp Road Substation and Ruland Road Substation to Plainview Substation New 69kV Transmission Circuits. Date: July 16, 2020 . This notice is issued in accordance with Article 8 (State Environmental Quality Review Act) ofGet price

Turnkey substation solutions from Linxon for Utilities

Feb 03, 2020 · The supply for the Fadhili project covers construction of a new 36-bay indoor 380-kV GIS substation including IEC 61850 based protection and control, metering, communication and SCADA equipmentGet price

Mapping and Analysis of Land Use and Land Cover for a

Abuja, Nigeria, 6 – 10 May 2013 1/18 Mapping and Analysis of Land Use and Land Cover for a Sustainable Development Using High Resolution Satellite Images and GIS Innocent EZEOMEDO and Joel IGBOKWE, Nigeria Key words: Geoinformation/GIS, Land distribution, Land Management, Remote Sensing and Spatial Planning. Environment for SustainabilityGet price

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The substation design manual is not intended to replace Asset Management Standards, but rather to act as a reference document that cross-references existing standards and process documentation and plugs any gaps where Asset Management documentation does not exist.Get price


The following air quality and GHG analysis was prepared to evaluate whether the construction criteria pollutant and greenhouse (GHG) emis sions associated with the Proposed Regulation would result in a significant impact under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).Get price


logging, power quality analysis, alarming and I/O capabilities not typically available in such a compact meter. It provides a high degree of visibility to data and assets that allows for cost savings, rapid response time, and better decisions. Protection Relays Reliable protection for power distribution systems A comprehensive family ofGet price

Gas Insulated Switchgear Market Size - Industry Growth Report

In August 2016, GIL Automations supplied 33kV GIS for operations at the facility of an International Oil Company operating in Nigeria which includes design and fabrication of the 33kV switchgear. Growing demand for efficient and low-cost switchgear across coal and natural gas fired power stations will stimulate the 150kV gas insulatedGet price

High-voltage substations | High-voltage – Power transmission

Infrastructure facilities, industry, and private households around the world require more and more electrical energy High-voltage substations, the node points of today’s complex power transmission infrastructure, play a key role in meeting this demand safely and reliably.Get price


construct the GIS that was initially petitioned for and approved in 2007. 2.1 Construction The following describes the steps necessary to finalize construct the GIS and to switch the interconnection from the Buck Substation to the GIS, providing thereby a connection to the SCE system through the BEPTL.Get price

ZOHAIB FAROOQ, BEE, MEE (Elect. Power) - Project Manager

Aug 11, 2016 · a) Successful timely execution of 18MWp Single axis tracking solar power project with 11kV AIS Grid station, Harappa Pakistan. Supervision of entire project activities including construction, installations, erection,testing, Commissioning, relay settings, coordination, tripping Analysis, review of schematics, system interlocks, control system checks, testing of all Substation and SolarGet price

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Dec 21, 2019 · adds $6.25 million to its series A from M12, Microsoft’s Venture Fund – Geospatial World; Foursquare acquires geospatial analytics and visualizations platform Unfolded – Geospatial WorldGet price

Substation Design Engineer resume in Saudi Arabia - February 2016

Feb 03, 2016 · 132/33 kV AIS Substation at EKPARAKWA (Nigeria) 132kV AIS Substation at IKOT ABBASI (Nigeria) 132/11.5kV Substation At WANA (South Waziristan, Pakistan) 132/33kV Substation At DAMBATTA (Nigeria) 220/132kV GIS Shalamar Substation At Lahore (Pakistan) 132/33kV Substation At KANKARA (Nigeria) 132kV Substation At LAFIA (Nigeria) 132kV Substation AtGet price

38 power stations in Nigeria, Locations and their capacities

Read Also: Current Power Generation in Nigeria. List of power stations in Nigeria. Twenty three (23) power plants are connected to the national grid. Below is a list of the power generation stations in Nigeria: 1. Kainji power station reservoir. Kainji power station is hydro-electric powered. It has an installed generating capacity of 760MW.Get price

Emergency Mobile Substation Market Trend, Forecast, Drivers

Mar 30, 2021 · Emergency Mobile Substation Market research report is the new statistical data source added by Big Market Research.. The global Emergency Mobile Substation Market research report gives point to point breakdown along with the data of Emergency Mobile Substation market’s analytical study, regional analysis, growth factors and leading companies.Get price

4.9 Hydrology and Water Quality

VALLEY–IVYGLEN AND ALBERHILL PROJECTS 4.9 HYDROLOGY AND WATER QUALITY APRIL 2016 4.9-4 DRAFT EIR 1 2 Rivers, Drainages, Creeks, and Streams 3 The San Jacinto River is the largest tributary to Lake Elsinore.Get price

Estrella Substation and Paso Robles Area Reinforcement Project

Introduction and BackgroundInteractive Web MapProject Links & DocumentsProject ObjectivesProposed ProjectEnvironmental ReviewDraft Eir & Public WorkshopsFor Additional InformationWelcome to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) web page for the environmental review of Horizon West Transmission, LLC (HWT) (formerly NextEra Energy Transmission West, LLC and Pacific Gas & Electric Company(PG&E) (collectively referred to as "co-Applicants") proposed Estrella Substation and Paso Robles Area Reinforcement Project (the “Proposed Project”). The CPUC is the lead agency under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) for the Proposed Project, and is therefore responsible for evaluating the Proposed Project’s potential environmental impacts. The California Independent System Operator (CAISO) approved the development of the new 230/70 kilovolt (kV) Estrella substation and a new 70 kV power line to interconnect to the substation to improve reliability in San Luis Obispo County in its 2013-2014 Transmission Plan, Estrella Substation Project Description and Functional Specifications for Competitive Solicitation (CAISO 2014). Following its selection by...Get price

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Energy SourcesTransmission Lines and SubstationsService AreasNatural Gas Utility Service AreasWindSolarNuclearBiomassSee full list on price

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scenario analysis for sustainable energy systems for new urban areas. distribution from intermittent electricity production and renewable energy sources. infrastructure development binding continents and facilitating intracontinental trade. In Africa, we advised on the 850 km long interconnector connecting Nigeria, Niger, Burkina Faso and Benin.Get price