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Nov 10, 2010 · As a result, GIS is more reliable and requires less maintenance than AIS. GIS was first developed in various countries between 1968 and 1972. After about 5 years of experience, the use rate increased to about 20% of new substations in countries where space is limited.Get price

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A MINI PROJECT REPORT ON OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE OF 220/132KV SUBSTATION Submitted in partial fulfillment for the award of the Degree of Bachelor of Technology in Electrical and Electronics EngineeringGet price

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The Ergon Energy design philosophy is to provide substations: (a) Safe for the public. (b) Safe for operation and maintenance personnel. (c) Safe for plant and equipment. (d) With environmental considerations, and aesthetic quality. (e) Delivering supply of electricity to its customers, safely, with acceptable levels of quality and reliability.Get price

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Switchgear and Substations 3.1 High-Voltage Substations 66 3.1.1 Turnkey Substations 66 3.1.2 High-Voltage Switchgear – Overview 67 3.1.3 Circuit Configuration 68 3.1.4 Air-Insulated Substations 71 3.1.5 Mixed Technology (Compact/Hybrid Solutions) 79 3.1.6 Gas-Insulated Switchgear for Substations 83 3.2 Medium-Voltage Switchgear 94Get price

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Esri’s GIS mapping software is the most powerful mapping spatial analytics technology available. Learn how businesses are using location intelligence to gain a competitive advantage.Get price

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The present project covers Package-III: Short- and Medium-Term Project (Substation and Transmission), which includes the upgrading of 11 existing substations (7.5/15/33/45 kV), the construction of one new 132/33/15 kV GIS substation, and the construction of a number of 132 kV double-circuit overhead lines, 33 kV feeder lines, and 132 kVGet price

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Mar 24, 2016 · GIS components used in the modular substations have the added benefit of being relatively maintenance-free. This means a significant reduction in routine maintenance requirements compared with the original AIS equipment, as all the equipment is indoors and, thus, not subject to weathering effects or the pollution buildup that would require regular or routine on-site inspection checks by the utility’s personnel.Get price


Regular substation components with its support structures have natural frequencies in the normal range of transport motion and then dynamic loads due to vibrations have to be considered.Get price

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Moscow, Russia. NASA Image and Video Library. 2013-05-21. This image from NASA Terra spacecraft shows Moscow, the capital city of Russia, the northernmost megacity in the world, the most populous in Europe, and with a population of over 11,000,000, the 6th largest city proper in the world.Get price

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TE´s SIMEL substation connectors Draw upon our years of field experience in HV substations worldwide. Our engineers are here to help you specify the ideal product package. • Clamps, connectors and insulators strings for HVAC and HVDC applications up to 1200 kV • Earthing and grounding connections • Bare Conductors TE´s Raychem cableGet price

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Combined with an enclosed or underground substation, tran-sitioning from overhead lines to underground cables remotely from the substation disguises its location. Utilization of GIS to camouflage critical substations A gas insulated switchgear (GIS) substation can occupy as little as 10 percent of the space required by a conventional substation.Get price

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ConstructionInstallationOperationMaintenanceTotal Cost of OwnershipGIS high voltage substationengineering uses the gas sulfur hexafluoride for insulation, whereas AIS uses air insulation in a metal-clad system. Sulfur hexafluoride is five times heavier than air and offers excellent extinction behavior. Another significant construction-based difference between the two switchyards is that a metal-clad AIS uses three-position draw-out circuit breakers (on, off and test). GIS systems use fixed, mounted circuit breakers. The sealed mounted breakers are a ‘sealed-for-life’ technology, whereas the AIS breaker can be removed for maintenance and troubleshooting.Get price

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So the GIS gas insulated substation is the best choice for the projects which is small space of compact design. 2. Because of the insulating gas gas in the sealed tank, so the gas insulated substation components work in stable condition, it will be much less fault than the air-insulated substation. 3.Free maintenance due to the reliable performance.Get price

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Gas-insulated switchgears (GISs) are widely used as the major control and protection equipment in medium to ultra-high voltage substations, due to their superior compactness, high reliabilityGet price

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Substation Injection Units are used only in power line based systems and are located in distribution substations. A major function of the Substation Injection Unit is to receive load control signals from the member system computer and inject them into the power line based system to be transmitted to the Load Control Receivers.Get price


Darmogrande GIS is one of the substations that use sf6 gas gas insulated in the region of the State Electricity Company (PT PLN) Area Managing Maintenance Surabaya. Darmogrande GIS substations, including one that is very important in the metropolis of Surabaya in distributing electric energy, in which there are four (4) conductor and 3 (three) transformers. GIS requires regularGet price

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This instruction shall be read in conjunction with Substation Maintenance Instruction SMI 101 - Minimum requirements for maintenance of distribution equipment , relevant SWMS and process documents. Information in GIS maps, MDI dial information and sample process documents are provided in the Annexures to this document as an aid for MDI readers.Get price

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andswiftly, separating the troubled section and limiting the influence of accident, and it also aims to improve stability by reclosing with high speed. Characteristic Regular and Specification Techpro 7 1. Stability All infilling parts are safe to the operator as they are embedded inside the grounded metal skin, are free from the danger of electricGet price

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Background. One of the global leaders in navigation industry dealing in Maps (Standard Definition Maps, Advanced Driver Assistant System, and High Definition Maps), Traffic and Travel Information (Real-time Traffic and Warnings, Speed Camera locations and Profiles), Navigation for Automotive Vehicles (Navigation Engine User Interface), Automated Driving and Road Analytics.Get price

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The Oldcastle Infrastructure FloGard removes pollutants from runoff prior to entering waterways. FloGard is available in a variety of configurations, and can be incorporated in most industry-standard flat-grated and combination drainage inlets by suspending the device from the catch basin frame underneath the grate.Get price

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This circuit switcher has three separate hermetically sealed bottles that contain some amount of Sulfr hexafluoride (sulfur hexafluoride) gas used as an electrical insulator. Chelan PUD does not perform regular maintenance on these bottles but does inspect them monthly. If they are found to be in need of maintenance, they are replaced.Get price

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Jan 19, 2015 · Utilities have to manage increasing amounts of data from smart meters, workforce management systems, substation management systems, geographic information systems (GIS), outage management systems, smart homes, phasor measurement unit (PMU) sensors, and other devices and systems.Get price

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May 18, 2021 · Tender For Annual regular maintenance related works of window air conditioners etc. installed in control room of 132 kV substation Sector 115 Noida under ETD-I Noida View Tender Detail : 892617210518: 18-May-2021: 21-May-2021: India / Uttar Pradesh: INR 200000Get price

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selection, use, care and maintenance. It will also help you to manage: three-phase electrical switchgear with voltage ratings from 1000–33 000 volts alternating current (ac); circuit-breakers, switches, switch fuses, isolators and contactors operating at voltages above 1000 volts ac.Get price

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Feb 12, 2010 · The layout of the substation is very important since there should be a Security of Supply. In an ideal substation all circuits and equipment would be duplicated such that following a fault, or during maintenance, a connection remains available. Practically this is not feasible since the cost of implementing such a design is very high.Get price

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Using ETAP software in our electric power course provides students with a unique experience in analyzing real world electric system issues. They have a great opportunity to simulate and study issues common in industrial plants and electric utility systems with state-of-the-art software.Get price


This report looks into the design of 500kVA ,11/0.415kV transformer.The requirements in the design and other factors to be considered before the design as well as the BEME for the design are thoroughly looked at.Get price

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identified from year 2007 and beyond. The addition of line and substation capacity ensures that the distribution system is able to serve the load under peak conditions for both normal and contingency scenarios. Substation and line equipment maintenance are based on manufacturer recommendations and operating experience.Get price

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Jan 03, 2017 · Rodney, mentioned that there were two separate fires in Stevens County on Sunday, March 5, 2017. One fire was at the County Pond and the other was on Road P and Road 20. The one on Road P was caused by someone welding and the sparks caught some dry grass on fire. There is no factual cause as to what started the fire by the pond.Get price