3.7.3 The Circuit Breaker of 66kV, 100kV, 110kV, 132kV and 220kV is used on Primary side of Traction Transformer and also for incoming Outgoing Transmission line at Traction Substation. 3.8 DUTIES OF INTERRUPTER 3.8.1 The Interrupter is used at the following locations in the 25kV AC 50 Hz, Single Phase / two phase Traction SystemsGet price

High-voltage substations | High-voltage – Power transmission

Gas-insulated single-pole bus ducts with a total length of 2,700 meters connect the GIS accommodated in the 85-meter-long switchgear building with the air-insulated part of the substation. The 245-kV breakers were the world’s first of its kind to switch a short-circuit current of 80 kA.Get price High Voltage Circuit Breakers: Trends

1200 kV AC substations:Full-scale products and integrated solutions 19 Circuit-Breaker Platform for 550 kV 27 Siemens High-Voltage Circuit-Breakers for Use at Low Temperatures 34 3AP4/5 High-Voltage Circuit-Breaker for 800 kV 41 Disconnecting Circuit-Breakers (DCB) 45 Disconnectors and Earthing switches for 800 kV DC substations 51 ComponentsGet price


62271-200.The GIS type switchgears shall be complete with all the accessories and auxiliary equipment’s required for their satisfactory operation such as switchboard panels for line bays, bus coupler/bus section bays etc. shall be fitted with vacuum circuit breakers, three positionGet price

Medium Voltage blue GIS | Systems | Siemens Global

8DJH 12 - blue GIS for Siemensstadt in Berlin. As the owner of the power distribution grid and the associated electrical equipment, Stromnetz Berlin GmbH ensures the safe and reliable power supply to the German capital. With the innovative 8DJH 12, a switchgear using Clean Air as insulating was put into operation in a medium-voltage compactGet price

National Grid Substations Technical Specification NGTS 2.1

400 kV 50 Hz systems. It is applicable to both open-terminal air-insulated (AIS) and metal-enclosed gas-insulated (GIS) substation constructions and covers equipment operated at lower voltages on the same substation site. All NGC plant and a pparatus wholly within the substation and not covered more specifically by other NGTS'sGet price


IEC 60427 Report on synthetic testing of high-voltage alternating current circuit breaker. IEEE 80 (2000) IEEE Guide for Safety in AC Substation grounding. CIGRE-44 Earthing of GIS- an application guide. (Electra no.151, Dec’93) The components and devices which are not covered by the above standards shall conform to, and complyGet price

Circuit Breakers - Medium Voltage - Apparatus | ABB

Circuit breakers for indoor and outdoor applications with the worldmost successfull range in medium voltage vacuum and sf 6 gas.Get price

Armin Hajdarović - Project Manager - Bosna Petroleum Company

circuit breaker design parameters and dielectric… Abstract— In this paper, the impact of several 145 kV 40 kA GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgear) circuit breaker design parameters, such as length of the main nozzle throat, contact travel and average opening speed, on the estimated breakdown voltage of the contact gap of an interrupter duringGet price


Apr 03, 2013 · Rating: Maximum system voltage : 72.5 kV Voltage factor : 1.2 CONT./1.5-30 sec. Insulation level: 140/325 kV Creepage distance : 1815 mm Oil volume : 72 ± 10 Litre Total weight : 230 ± 10% kg Rated frequency : 50 Hz Winding 1 Winding 2 Volts A-N 1a-1n 2a-2n Burden 33 kV/√3 110/√3 110/√3 Volts-Amp - 10 10 Accuracy Class - 3p 0.5 19 ii.Get price

sf6 gas Free HV GIS and Breakers - EPA

World‘s first Non-Sulfr hexafluoride GIS installation with AirPlus™ UW Oerlikon, ewz, Switzerland Energized in summer 2015 8 high-voltage GIS bays (top) 50 medium-voltage GIS bays (bottom) February 3, 2017 GLK-14 ZX2 Rated Voltage 170 kV 24 kV Rated current 1250 A 2500 A Rated frequency 50 Hz 50 Hz Rated short-circuit current 40 kA 25 kA MinimalGet price

KOUSTAV SAHA - Electrical Design Engineer (Substation) - GE

132/33kV,Air insulated substation in Dhungesangu (Client NEA, Consultant WAPCOS). 2x150 MVA, 220/66/11 kV Gas insulated substation of KPTCL at Brindavan in Bangalore. GIS Package-GIS-1 for (i) 220/66kV Drass (New) GIS.Get price

AC High Voltage Circuit Breakers - IEEE Web Hosting

•Hybrid switchgear allows to reduce the size of substations and to combine the advantages of AIS and GIS. •Specific IEC standard: IEC 62271-205. •Circuit breaker is of GIS or Dead tank type •Depending on the capacitance of the liaison to overhead lines, it is considered as a GIS or AIS circuit breaker.Get price

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Low voltage switchgear and motor control center About MNS and electrification solutions . ABB’s electrification solutions business is a market leader in power distribution and motor control solutions, connecting power and automation through the MNS ® switchgear platform for process industry, power and infrastructure customers.Get price

400/220 kV gas insulated (GIS) transmission substation

This project describes the 400kV GIS system of POWERGRID, Gurgaon substation. There is total no. of five bays in 400 kV systems and seven nos. of bays in 220kV systems. In this substation double bus single Breaker scheme has been used. The metal enclosure is made of non-corrosive aluminium.Get price

Moin Subhani - Director - NEPCON, Pakistan | LinkedIn

132/11 KV GIS Substation Sheranwala Bagh Gujranwala, Punjab, Pakistan. Main Contractor : ABB Job Responsibilities: • Supervise the execution of both substations • Testing of 132kV AIS/GIS substation equipment: Circuit Breakers, Power transformer, Current and Voltage transformers, Surge arrestors, CVT and Isolators.Get price

Gas Insulated Switchgear - Gas Circuit Breaker Latest Price

- GIS-Gas-insulated high-Voltege Switchgear (GIS) Is A Compact Metal Encapsulated Switchgear Consisting Of High-Voltage Components Such As Circuit-Breakers And Disconnectors, Which Can Be Safely Operated In Confined Spaces. - GIS Is Used Where Spaces Is Limited, For Example, Extensions, In City Buildings, On Roofs, onGet price

High Voltage Substation Design Approach - For Utility Systems

Substation Equipment Modify Power Characteristics Power Transformers Capacitor Banks (Series or Shunt) Reactors (Series or Shunt) Switching and/or Protection Power Circuit Breakers, Circuit Switchers Power Fuses Disconnect Switches Surge Arresters Measurement Instrument Transformers (CTs, PTs, CCVTs, SSVT) Other Wave TrapsGet price


kV GIS substation at Mirsharai (Which is situated at the South side and about 50 km away from the main sea port Chittagong). 230kV Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS): Complete 230kV GIS consisting of two line bays, one bay for power station, one spare bay, two transformer bays, one bus sectionalizer and one bus-coupler bay to connect two new 230 kVGet price

ABB to Extend Gas-Insulated Substation for Saudi Power Plant

Aug 11, 2011 · ABB has won an order worth about $17 million from Hanwha Engineering Construction Corp. of Korea to extend an existing substation at the Yanbu power plant in Saudi Arabia. Yanbu, is a major Red Sea port in the Al Madinah province of western Saudi Arabia, located approximately 350 km north of Jeddah. Aug 11, 2011.Get price

Altaf Nizamani - Commodity Manager - Siemens | LinkedIn

Previously work Exp. in Leading Strategic Procurement Department Siemens responsible for procurement and project engineer for GIS /AIS Substation Annual Turn over more than 3 Billion PKR. Worked with Siemens in KESC02 Project (where Siemens constructed 7 No. of GIS Substations including 3 no of 220/132/11 KV and 4 no of 132/11 KV all were GISGet price

Taimoor Nafees Bajwa - Team Lead | Consultant Engineer

The substation is comprising One no. 132kV sf 6 Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) with ten nos. 132kV GIS Circuit Breakers and associated equipment, three nos. 132/13.8kV, 67MVA, Power Transformers, with 132KV double bus bar arrangement, with one bus section with CB, one bus section without CB, and two bus coupler CB, One 13.8kV Switchgear withGet price

Substation Designing – Protection Control Automation System

Mar 11, 2018 · Substation Designing – Protection Control Automation System Design - A Step by Step Approach Published on March 11, 2018 March 11, 2018 • 15 Likes • 3 CommentsGet price

Vikas Singla, Prince2 - Marketing and Sales Manager - Hyosung

Sep 2006 - Sep 20082 years 1 month. Mumbai Area, India. • Designed Developed low voltage switchgear products viz. Air Circuit Breakers, Moulded case Circuit Breaker (MCCB), Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB), Power Distribution Panels using international standards and Pro-E tool. • Prepared the draft design model of a Compact Substation ofGet price

Imran Jafri - Project Supervisor - National Grid | LinkedIn

Irinatech acquired an installation project for 10 new 220/66kV BSP substations in Bahrain. The HV Team was called upon to carry out the power cable work, involving installation of terminations from Transformers/Reactors to Switchgear. The project accomplished successful installation and testing of the following: 220kV Terminations: 222 Nos.Get price

Lance Beament - Protection Control Technician - TechTest

Otahuhu Substation (New Zealand) 220kV GIS Breaker and a Half - Senior Tester 2010 - 2010 220kV GIS substation primary equipment, trans line and circuit breaker management protection installation – primary and secondary testing, integration and commissioning of trans line and busbar breaker and a half protection schemesGet price

Ahmed Hamdy - Lead Electrical Engineer - ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC

Attend the Factory acceptance test for a GIS in “Hyosung company in South of Korea”, GSU Transformer in Croatia ‐ “Siemens‐Končar Power Transformers Ltd”, Main Transformer in India ‐ “ABB‐Hitachi”, HV Circuit Breaker, Current and Voltage Transformers in India ‐“ABB‐Hitachi”.Get price

Lester Taylor - Senior Electrical Engineer, EIT - Burns

Lead engineer in protection and control design of the Midtown GIS 69/12-kV substation. The project included the installation of a new 69kV breaker-and-a-half GIS unit with two 69-kV line positionsGet price


Supervision of substation installation consisting of transformer (502MVA 380/115KV, 3x67MVA 115/13.8KV) unloading, assembly, vacuum, oil filling, testing and commissioning, Reactors (2X 120MVAR 380KV), Capacitor banks (3X 9MVAR 13.8KV), GIS/GIB (380KV, breaker half 21 breakers /115KV, double bus 11breakers)Get price