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Leading provider of solutions and services of AIS and GIS substations. Proven solutions for the optimization of electrical substation operations Tehran, IranGet price

Transient Ground Potential Rise in Gas Insulated Substations

Tehran,Iran . ABSTRACT . This study presents the way of implementation of transient different contingency conditions and grounding system Gas Insulated Substation (GIS), GIS enclosureGet price

Analysis of Influential Factors in Determining Very Fast

“Siah-bishe” 400kV GIS substation is situated in a mountainous region of Iran at about 125km north of Tehran and 100km south of Caspian Sea in north of Iran.Get price

GIS Substations Stabilize Power Supply in Sandstorm Regions

Mar 13, 2021 · "GIS systems cost twice as much as regular substations but play a key role in reducing power cuts in sandstorm regions," Mahmoud Dashtbozorg was quoted as saying by the Energy Ministry news portal.Get price

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Expansion Bay 2 (E21, E04) of Mobin 132 kV Substation Project (GIS) 132 kV Substation of Fajr 2 Project (GIS) 132 kV Substation (No.1) of South Pars Centralized Power Plant Project (GIS) 132 kV Substation (No.2) of South Pars Centralized Power Plant Project (GIS) 400 kV Substation (No.3) of South Pars Centralized Power Plant Project (GIS)Get price

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275kV AIS GIS Substation Projects Year Client Description Country Substation Name; 2020 : Alex Corporation Co. Ltd : Design, Engineering, Supply, Erect and Commissioning of 230kV Stung Tatay Hydro Power Plant - Phnom Penh Transmission System Project.Get price

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Tender For Construction of 33/11 KV, 2X10 MVA, GIS Sub-station (indoor type) along with associated 33 KV and 11 KV underground lines on turnkey basis in Nagwa area of Varanasi city under IPDS Scheme for Purvanchal Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Limited. Varanasi. View Tender Detail. 1180052210322.Get price

(PDF) Role of GIS in Distribution Power Systems

The geographic information systems (GIS) platform is used in spatial load forecasting (SLF) and the mathematical models of the substation location and capacity optimisation problems areGet price


[Show full abstract] Substation (GIS) located in the north of Iran. The fast transient overvoltages induced in major parts of GIS are investigated due to the first and subsequent direct lightning...Get price

(PDF) In-situ insulation test of 400 kV GIS

In this paper, a novel test set-up and the measurement results of a 400 kV GIS have been installed for the Mobarakeh steel industries, Isfahan, Iran, are presented. This system has a length of...Get price

Mohsen Mohseni - Islamic Azad University - Tehran, Iran

Tehran, Iran 63 kV Bostanu Electrical substation to Bandar Abbas GIS Electrical substation (Reverse Osmosis) (Survey Checklist, Drilling, Foundation, TelescopicGet price

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Gas-insulated single-pole bus ducts with a total length of 2,700 meters connect the GIS accommodated in the 85-meter-long switchgear building with the air-insulated part of the substation. The 245-kV breakers were the world’s first of its kind to switch a short-circuit current of 80 kA.Get price

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Founded on Innovation, Defined By Service PARSTABLEAU Switchgear Systems was established, over 40 years ago, our aim has been continued to provide the highest-quality and most reliable products and services to our customers. Very high-quality standards together with innovative approaches result in an advanced range of products, aiming to improve electrical distribution neGet price

Simulation and Partial Discharge Measurement in 400kv Typical

substation in Tehran as a 400kv GIS substation in EMTP software. First, very fast transients(VFT) model is used for the GIS substation modeling. Then, voltage signal of different points of GIS substation in presence of PD are measured by use of the PD model in gas insulator and VFT model, until the PD effects on system voltage is determined.Get price

Medium Voltage blue GIS | Systems | Siemens Global

8DJH 12 - blue GIS for Siemensstadt in Berlin. As the owner of the power distribution grid and the associated electrical equipment, Stromnetz Berlin GmbH ensures the safe and reliable power supply to the German capital. With the innovative 8DJH 12, a switchgear using Clean Air as insulating was put into operation in a medium-voltage compactGet price

New Al KamilAl Wafi 132/33kv GIS Grid Station project

Al Kamil and Al Wafi 132/33 KV substation in 132kV GIS part includes 6 line feeder, two 132/33kV transformer feeder, one bus coupler, one bus section with double busbar arrangement. 132/33kV-125MVA Power transformers are two sets. 33 kV AIS part includes two individual 33kv busbar, each one with two incomings and eight outgoings; Out of eightGet price

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- Design Basic Document and Preparing Tender Contract Document of Damavand DCS GIS Substation (400/230kV) - Document Design Review of Satarkhan Substation (63/6kV) - Document Design Review of Old Sungun Substation (230/63kV) with ABB Relays (LON) ABB DCS System (LON) - Design Tender Drawings and Preparing Contract Document of Damavand DCSGet price

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ETAP GIS provides owners, operators, and planners geospatial tools to better design, analyze, and expand their networks. It can include transmission, sub-transmission and distribution networks in the same electrical model and solve the combined networks. ETAP GIS can also be used to include detailed substation layouts, individual tower configuration, and generation plant details using a geospatial layout.Get price


TKPE has contracted a large number of International EPC projects, such as, India Sanand 550kV GISSubstation, Zimbabwe 330kV Hwange Substation, Bangladesh 230kV Maniknagar GIS Substation, Bangladesh 230kV Barisal AIS Substation, Uganda 230kV Masaka Substation, Uganda 230kV Kawanda Substation, Pakistan 230kV Dera Murad Jamali Substation, EgyptGet price

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o 400KV high-voltage substations, South Pars 15-16. o 400KV high-voltage substations, Miami, Shahrood. o 400KV GIS substations, Rasht. o 400KV GIS substations, Anzali o 400KV GIS substations, Ardakan, Yazd. Show more Show lessGet price

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Technical Managing of the first substation automation project in PKG Co. with TELEGYR SYSTEMS and know how transfer to do Local Integration in Iran. As a successful result, this project opened the door for Local companies to start Substation Automation Bussines in Iran Market.Get price

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Raad Taban is an award winning firm with a diverse portfolio in power engineering and construction. We work with our clients to deliver electricity to cities and villages safely and efficiently. We provide our clients with quality work including erection, testing and commissioning of substation as well as building design construction services.Get price

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- Supervisor Assistance, Pakdel 230/63kV GIS Electrical Substation, Esfahan, IRAN o Technical Assistant for installation team. o Installations GIS equipment for 63kV Switchgear. o Installations GIS equipment for 230kV Switchgear. o Switchgear Earthing SystemGet price